Setup Office365 on your iPhone running iOS10

Setting up Office on your iPhone running iOS10 is really easy. Follow these simple steps and you'll have access to your email, calendar and contacts in no time.


1. On your iPhone click on the settings icon. It's that grey one with the cogs. 2. Scroll down and click on the Mail icon.
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3. Click on the Accounts button from the list that appears.


4. Click on the Add Account button.

IMG_4341.PNG IMG_4342.PNG


5. Choose Exchange from the list.


6. Enter your email address, password and a description. The description can be anything youd like.

IMG_4343.PNG IMG_4345.PNG 


 7. You will then see a tick next to mail, calendars and contacts and your account will be added.



In the unlikely event that your phone asks you for the server address and domain please fill in as follows:

Email: your email address


Domain: Empty

Username: your email address

Password: your email password

Description: Whatever you'd like


If this still fails please double check your password.








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