Managed Software Center


What is it?

Managed Software Center is primarily an application we use to get software and updates for software onto your machine. It's useful in other ways too though. You can use it to install common applications yourself and also directly talk to our support team via the support widget in the bottom right of the application window.


Where is it?

You can find it in your applications folder. Just click on the Applications folder from the left of any Finder window, scroll down and you'll see the icon. The icon looks like this:

Why do I need it?

We take security very seriously at Fresh. While using your computer online you're exposed to daily threats like ransomware, spyware and malware.

It's easier than you'd think to accidently install a nasty application. You may think you're installing a common web-browser from a legitimate website but actually the installer will install a hidden app in the background compromising your machine. The more maline will do nothing more annoying than slowing down your machine but some can lock your whole machine threatening to delete your files if you don't pay a fine.

Antivirus will find and clear these nasties when it runs but by providing you a means of installing approved known-clean applications directly we can reduce the risk of infection considerably.


Installing Applications

Installing an application is as easy as clicking the install button next to the application you'd like.


Updating Applications

Periodically, Managed Software Center will pop up and ask you to update your applications. It's a good idea to do this. If you don't have time just leave your machine powered on but logout of your account and the updates will be installed automatically overnight.


What if the application I need isn't in there?

We try to offer as many commonly used applications as we can but sometimes there'll be others you'll need. If you can't find the application you're after on Managed Software Center just Submit a request and request we add it. Please include the URL to the application you're after.

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