FAMs Online

FAMs stands for Fresh Asset Managment. It's the database system we use to hold all the information about your technical setup. From the amount of desktops you own and their spec to who supplied the printer on the 2nd floor, all the info is in there. 

A large amount of this information is available to you via our web portal. As well as boat loads of information it's also the method by which you can add new employees, process people who're leaving the company or request password reminders.

To access this information point your browser at:




You need to register to get access to FAMs. Simply click the "Login Using Google" button at the top right. That'll redirect you to a google login page where you can use your Google account to login. This can be either a work account, if you use google apps for business, or a personal account if you don't.

Once you're authenticated it'll send us a message asking for confirmation. Once confirmed you'll be able to access all your information.

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