Skype for Business walk through

You can find Skype for business in your application folder. If you don't already have it you can download it using Managed Software Update.

When opening for the first time you're presented with a login screen. Enter your email and email password. Your username is your email address too.



If you're using a shared machine such as a boardroom machine for the meeting we'd recommend you login as yourself for the call to work correctly.

To sign out of skype for business see this article.

Once logged in you'll see


Chats is a history of your communications.

Meetings is a list of up and coming meetings from your calendar.

Calls is a history of any calls you've made or received.

Contacts is a list of your contacts. It'll show contacts when you type in the search field.


Clicking on the Meetings tab will show you a list of your up and coming meetings. The left hand list lists the meetings, clicking on any of these shows details and notes about the meeting on the right pane.

To Join a meeting simply click the "Join" button on the right.


Once in the call, if you're struggling with either the microphone, camera or speaker read this article.

 To share your screen whilst in the call click on the button with the arrow pointing out of the square.


 If you have two screens it'll give you the option to choose one to share.


In this article you've learnt how to:

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