LMI Mac with Parental Controls 'You don't have permission' dialog repeatedly appears

If using a Mac with parental controls activated and LogMeIn installed it will show you the "You don't have permission" dialog box in the restricted user. Normally this is fine, you simply choose "Always allow" and it add that app to the list of allowed applications. In LMIs case though it doesn't for some reason.

Since it's the GUI app that's throwing the error and that's not really essential to using LMI the way I've found to overcome this is to remote the app. It'll still allow you to login to LMI etc it just won't show that error.

Note: This is only a temporary fix. It seems to work for a few weeks then reverts. Hopefully it'll be fixed properly soon.

Please remove any quotes from the commands below. The quotes simply show where the command starts and stops.

  1. Login to the machine as a none restricted user.
  2. Open up the Terminal (If you don't know where that is then you shouldn't really be doing this)
  3. Sudo to Bash by typing "sudo bash"
  4. Type "cd /Library/Application\ Support/LogMeIn/bin/" and hit enter
  5. Type "rm -rf" and hit enter. This removes the application mentioned above
  6. We want to fool LMI into thinking that app is still there so type "touch" to create a file with the same name.
  7. I normally add a README file in there to let other admins know what I've done.
  8. Type "touch README" and hit enter
  9. Type "Pico README" and hit enter
  10. Enter a description of what you've done and why then add a date. Hit CTRL and X to exit making sure you save on the way.
  11. Close the terminal.

That should now have alleviated that problem for a couple of weeks. If it becomes a real nuisance you could make a bash script for it.

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