Printing a contact sheet with the Preview application

From time to time you may want to print multiple images on one page but not have to use time-consuming layout tools like InDesign to do it. This method allows you to simply select multiple images, open them in Preview then print them. Preview is an application that comes as standard on all Macs.


1. First of all Select the images you'd like. To do this, single-click on them whilst holding down the cmd key on your keyboard. You'll see the selected items turn blue. To de-select an item simply click it again.


2. Once you've selected the images you'd like to print double-click on any of the selected images and they'll open up in an application called Preview.


3. Now that they're open in preview you'll need to select them all so that when you print they all come out. SIngle-click on the first image then holding down the shift key (An arrow pointing up without a light on) select the last image. Once this is done all of the image names should be surrounded by blue as in the above image. From the "File" menu choose "Print"


4. This window doesn't have enough detail for us to get at the options we need so click the button at the bottom that says "Show Details"


5. Now we have access to the details we need. Click on the drop down menu that currently says "Preview" and choose "Layout".


6. Now from the "Pages per sheet" choose an appropriate amount for the images you have to print.


7. Click print and you're done.

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