Create a shortcut file to a Filemaker Database

Creating a shortcut file to a remote filemaker database is really handy to help uses quickly gain access to their database without going through the File Open route.

Essentially we need to create a Filemaker database that has a script that opens the remote Database then closes itself.


1. Open filemaker and choose "New Database" from the "File" menu


2. Call it "Open" or something and Save it. You're now in the file. Choose "Manage Scripts" from the "Scripts" menu to get the window below. From this window choose "New" from the bottom left.


3. Call the script "Open". From the list double click on the "Open file" script step then double click on the "Close File" script step. Select the "Open File" step then from the bottom right from the "Specify" menu choose "Add Filemaker Datasource"


4. If the server is local you should see it listed. If it's remote you'll need to add the IP as a favourite. Once you've selected your file click "Open"


5. Close the script and Save it when it asks.


6. From the "File" menu choose "File Options"



7. Click on "Script Triggers" then on "Specify". Choose your open script then press "OK" 


8. Now close down the file and open it again. It should now open your Remote Filemaker Database.

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